Stepping Outside the Box…and Onto the Stage!

As I have made public knowledge about my participation in Stage Door Productions’ presentation of Inherit the Wind and invited individuals to attend, a common question I have been asked centers around that individual’s surprise at my participation and how/why I became interested in doing such a thing. As most are aware, I am very private about my life (yes, I know, what irony I now start a blog) and there was really no particular reason I didn’t readily share this insight with others. Regardless, here’s the skinny!

I’ve been going to the theatre since I was a child and was immediately fascinated by the storytelling and imaginative spectacle the theatre presented. Even as a lively 10 year old boy, I found it easy to sit quietly and escape into the story being told by the actors. I think this also was influenced by my father’s story telling ability. My father has lived, in my opinion, a truly amazing life and I always beg him to tell me stories (much to his chagrin) of his childhood, military experience and being in Savannah when he was my age. I found it easy to get lost in the stories and the manner how he told them and I found that translated to the theatre. I also find the character development to be fascinating as this is, obviously, a key component of any theatre production as we don’t expect to be overly bombarded with CGI images, intense action sequences with explosions and the like, or anything else that holds our attention for the required millisecond that we allow for today. I love the buildup of the story, the interaction and chemistry of the actors, as well as attempting to look behind the immediate face of the production to determine what the writers were trying to convey. Perhaps my love of puzzles (in any form) is intertwined with that latter point.

I had considered doing some acting and wanting to get involved in the productions but like most things in my life, never had (okay, let’s be honest here – made) time for it. And, now I am. I had been following the Stage Door group for about a year and looking for auditions to be held. This summer I saw they were auditioning for Inherit the Wind and with it being a law/science based production, I knew this was the right time to audition. Fortunately, I landed a part and was honored to accept it.

The experience so far has been truly amazing. The whole idea of the theatre has continued to capture my imagination and it has been a wonderful, yet challenging, experience to evolve into my character. There are so many wonderful people involved in this production from the Director, Kimberly Kemp, the stage manager, Olivia Finnegan, and all the talented actors and actresses whom you will all see in the production. These individuals are so talented I can’t believe many of them aren’t full time actors. The people have been so much fun and are so nice. Everyone looks out for one another and I have enjoyed watching others in action and taking mental notes from them as a means to develop my character and my own style. I always look forward to practice and hate when it is over.

I would encourage everyone to always MAKE time for the ones they love and the things they love. Time is short. Life is short. The older we get, the quicker life passes us by. Don’t live your life by saying “you wish you had”. Let the world know you did it.

I hope all of you will come and support not only me, but all the individuals involved in the production and support your local theater.

More on my character tomorrow…Image



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