Labor Day – a celebration of hard work and sacrifice!

As we prepare to celebrate Labor Day tomorrow on September 2nd, and remember how hard working Americans, both past and present, have built this great country, I decided to repost an article here that I had originally posted on another social media site. It features one of the most hard working individuals I have ever known, my father.

This article was originally posted in November 2012, in response to all the negativity I heard in political campaigns. I heard little, if any, positive information from candidates about what they could do to help their jurisdiction but instead what others could not do. After having my fill, I wrote my response, in a way that I felt was very appropriate and aimed at some of the real issues our country faces. I hope you enjoy and thanks again to everyone who laid the foundations for this country and continues to make it special!

There are a number of people who say they are “heroes” and then there are real heroes. Two of those people that are real heroes are in this picture. My father, Gary William Champagne Senior, who served his country during the Cuban Crisis, and his father, my grandfather, Radioman William “Bill” Anthony Champagne.

But you see, Bill has no voice to tell you he is a hero, for he perished at the tender age of 21 aboard the USS Spence on December 18, 1944, in the Pacific Theater, defending the ideals, dreams, and values of this country.

Because he perished to protect your freedom, he also doesn’t have the ability to listen to billionaire politicians protect their own vested interests instead of those they serve, the cries of helpless billionaire CEOs of corporations, who drove them into the ground, beg for government handouts, constant complaining from you about your cozy job, or any of your other first world problems.

Some might have forgotten what yours, and so many others’, sacrifice for and to this country meant. But I haven’t forgotten. And I haven’t lost sight of what this country is truly about either.

I will honor your sacrifice and not let your memory die. I will remember the true ideals of this country.

I will:

1. Honor the Champagne name. I will carry it with dignity and honor that you and my father have bestowed on it.

2. Stand up for what is right, even if others are in dissent.

3. Be a voice for those that have no voice and no way to defend themselves.

4. Help those less fortunate than myself.

5. Use the gifts I have been given to help people and inspire hope.

6. Defeat all enemies at all cost, even sacrificing my own life.

7. Work to overcome differences to unite people to work together for the betterment of our country, not their own selfish whims.

8. Not tolerate injustice and hate.

9. Never surrender, quit, or lay down arms.

10. Never forget those that came before me, the blood that was shed, and the vision that was laid for this country.

Take another look at the Stars and Stripes today and think again what it truly is about…

Image(Note: picture is from my personal collection: Copyright 2013 Jarrod R. Champagne)


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