Kill Devil Hill

I was listening to my Kill Devil Hill album and was pleasantly surprised to find that iTunes had apparently downloaded a bonus track for me. I was then treated to an “acoustic version” of “Gates of Hell.” That song is one of my favorites on the album and this new version of it was phenomenal as well.

For those that are unaware, Kill Devil Hill is a new band that was formed in 2011 and is named after, well, the town of Kill Devil Hill, North Carolina. It features Rex Brown, formerly of Pantera and Down, on bass guitar, and Vinny Appice, formerly of Black Sabbath and Dio, on drums. Mark Zavon is on guitar and Dewey Bragg is on vocals. I’ve read numerous “reviews” of the album that spoke of the sound of the band sounding like a mix of Pantera and Black Sabbath. I guess they didn’t listen to the album. Don’t be fooled – just because former members were in those bands – the band doesn’t sound like either of those bands. To me, the band is most similar to a cross between Alice in Chains and Down. Dewey’s vocals, at times, actually remind me of the late Layne Staley.  Do not expect any harsh vocals or intense shredder style solos in the catalog. The music is very brooding and dark both lyrically and musically in the style of Alice in Chains. Such songs are the aforementioned “Gates of Hell” and “Up in Flames.” Two very poignant songs that are very atmospheric in nature and are two of my favorites. There are also some uptempo rockers such as “Strange,” “War Machine,” and “Voodoo Doll” which remind me more of Down. A surprising song is “Mysterious Ways” – a short acoustic song that gives one a brief repose from the assault. The song is similar to a darker Allman Brothers, almost like something Days of the New would have done.

If you want to hear something that is different in today’s hard rock and metal, and like the bands Down and Alice in Chains, you will want to check this album out. Also, take notice that Kill Devil Hill’s new album, “Revolution Rise”, will be available October 29th. You will definitely want to check that out!

Here is a link to their official site.




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