Inherit the Wind closes for Stage Door Productions

Well, the weekend is over and we closed out our run of Inherit the Wind for Stage Door Productions. As I have chronicled previously, I portrayed Baltimore Herald reporter, E.K. Hornbeck. To say the experience was amazing, would be an understatement. Acting in the theater was even better, and more fun, than I could have ever imagined. I leave this run with so many wonderful memories and have gained so many new friends. Working with this group will always be something I will treasure. Each of them are so talented and special in their own unique way. I took something from each of them to help me build an acting style. Though I have very far to go before I am even on the same level as these individuals, it is surely a start for me. I am also gracious to the many wonderful friends I have who supported this project and came to see the show. I know money is tight for all of us and I appreciate your desire and effort to see me as well as all of your heart-felt compliments. I also want to say thank you to my father who drove 9 hours just to see my stage debut. Dad, I love you and you have always been an inspiration to me in likely more ways than you will ever know.

I truly enjoyed this experience and am appreciative to the director, Kimberly Kemp, for giving me this opportunity and entrusting faith in me to perform, knowing I had no experience. I hope I was able to fulfill that trust and hope to be back on the stage soon!

Be sure to check out Stage Door Productions’ site to see all the latest happenings:



2 thoughts on “Inherit the Wind closes for Stage Door Productions

  1. You understand that I fully expect to see you in more plays now, right? Stage Doors production has done a wonderful job, and I’m very excited to see more from them, and you.


    • I appreciate the support and am glad you enjoyed the show. It was a lot of fun and even more so to perform in front of friends such as yourself. I will let you know what is on the horizon!


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