I Moustache You a Question…but I’ll Shave it for Later!


So somewhere Tom Selleck, The Iron Sheik, Charlie Chaplin, and The Brawny Man are all smiling. Apparently moustaches are back in style. No, not just with older gentlemen but with the ladies as well. I was under the impression that most women preferred a man with a clean shaven face. “NO” women under 30 shout from all corners of the Earth. I randomly see pictures on Facebook and other social media sites, of young women “wearing” a moustache. What is behind this? I don’t know but I wish I did.

Why are young women clamoring to wear a moustache? Is this an adult form of the Freudian idea of penis envy? Or is it yet, another not so subtle hint from women that they want to see us men wearing moustaches but we men, as usual, are either too distracted, dull, or dumb to decipher?

I do know this ladies. You aren’t missing much. I made a grave mistake when I was about 14. I told my father how I couldn’t wait to begin shaving. With all young boys, I soon hit that fateful age and haven’t looked back. After two days, I am well on my way to playing rhythm guitar for ZZ Top or joining the cast of A & E’s “Duck Dynasty.” It is like shaving your legs everyday ladies, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t magically dull your razor in one shave like your legs do when you “borrow” our razors.

Well whatever the reason, the sweet stache is enjoying a renaissance it hasn’t seen since people were at the discotheque in the 1970s, bare knuckle brawling in the 1920s, or exploring the old West and fighting the Civil War in the 1860s.

There is even a show on IFC entitled “Whisker Wars” that chronicles competitions held across the United States and the World where participants show off their beards and moustaches to see who has the wildest set of whiskers. Here is a picture of natural beard World Champion, Jack Passion! Wear it well sir!


Image 1

Image 2


3 thoughts on “I Moustache You a Question…but I’ll Shave it for Later!

  1. I never understood the whole mustache phase. And apparently it is still in. Yes, I like some guys who have facial hair, but I don’t understand the purpose of women having the fake mustaches or that whole fad!


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