Metro Richmond Zoo

Yesterday, I went to the Metro Richmond Zoo. It was the first time I had been to a zoo in almost 5 years. To say the zoo was in “Metro Richmond,” wouldn’t be entirely accurate. The location is actually Moseley, Virginia, in Chesterfield County. It is off of 360 (Hull Street) and route 603 beside Grange Hall Elementary. Not exactly Broad Street people. But I digress…

Since it was drizzling, and a school day, I basically had my own private tour as I only met one other group of people. But, the cool weather brought out all the animals! The zoo was impressive, especially as it only cost me $15 dollars to enter. There were a lot of different types of “deer-like creatures” which weren’t too exciting to me since I see more deer around my local area than I care to. There were some neat animals though including a plethora of bird species, including some sort of very small owls, a toucan, some ostriches, and some very beautifully colored African birds.

There were a variety of different animals including buffalo, elk, rhinoceros, Galpagos tortoises, penguins, a warthog, two different types of camels (a one humper and a two humper), giraffes, two black bears, and a Burmese python, which I wanted zero part of.

My favorites, though, were the big cats. The zoo’s collection was impressive including two cheetahs, a lion, a snow leopard, and two Bengal tigers. Just like my 8 lb domestic house cat, the big cats weren’t far off the map in their habits, as all were sleeping…all that is except for the Bengal Tiger, who I had a blast hanging out with! The tiger rushed the glass and I was looking down at my camera and looked up just in time to see it coming at me full speed which put a mighty fright into me. He/She continually paced back and forth though while I stood there admiring it. Here is a picture of the Bengal Tiger and a video I shot including an excellent narrative.


Here is the snow leopard:


The camera just loved this camel:


Another favorite besides the big cats were the fruit bats. One would go into a dark room where the bats resided, and for whatever reason, they were continually punching one another all while hanging upside down. To say it was comical would be an understatement. The bats are interesting creatures to say the least:


And lastly, I made a new friend at the zoo. This is an orangutan. Her name is Zoe:


I talked to one of the zoo keepers as I noticed zip lines were all over the place. He told me they are setting up an attraction where individuals can zip line from one part of the zoo to the other. This consists of participants moving over bodies of water and ending up in landing pads that are in some of the animal habitats. I came to the conclusion this might be the greatest attraction ever, or the worst. Only time will tell…

Here is the zoo’s website.

All images are from my personal collection – copyright 2013 Jarrod R. Champagne.



4 thoughts on “Metro Richmond Zoo

  1. We are going to bring Gabriel to the Jax zoo soon. You can feed the giraffes and touch sting rays…plus they have a train ride which we will have to experience in a few years.


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