Why the Blog?

When I share my blog with people and invite them to read it, I am often asked two questions:

1. What is the blog about?

2. Why did you start/do/write/decide to write (you get the idea) a blog?

First, let’s start with question 2. This is simple: I love writing and language. I believe the most simplistic point of communication is writing. I love writing because it can go so many ways. You can be as direct or as obscure as you wish (Yes, I realize, unfortunately some people are like this too when they speak, for better or worse). I think language can be very poetic. One of my favorite things is writing a narrative or a piece of poetry and leaving it open ended so that a reader can determine what it means to them. All of our life experiences are different and we arrive at points in life at different times based upon those experiences. We are all unique individuals with different perspectives and we won’t view things the same.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

You are reading this blog,

And I appreciate you.

That’s really great but I prefer something not so direct. I think the beauty is to allow the reader to determine what the piece means. How do the words strike you? What emotion does it make you feel? Can you paint a picture solely with words and not using an image? Maybe we will share an experience reading the same thing but perhaps, based upon our experiences, it will strike us differently.

I have a lot of random musings. I am full of wonder and the world we live in, as well as the people that fill it, captivate me. I am what you would call “abstract” in my thinking. I look below the surface and am intrigued by the events of our world, its thinking, and why people do the things they do.

Okay, so what is the blog about? The blog is about everything. I wish to share my narratives, perspective, and some of my poetry (which I realize I haven’t done yet). While researching blog writing, I saw one of the ground rules was to limit yourself to a particular specific subject. I didn’t like that idea, though I do understand the reasoning. It helps you to create a devoted following based upon an individual’s interest. But, that also creates an issue. If you start a blog on (insert subject), individuals who are not interested in that subject, will not follow, thus you are severely limiting your audience. And…I didn’t want to alienate potential readers.

Instead, my purpose was be able to share my narratives, thoughts, and poetry and hope that the storytelling is what would capture you and bring you back. In essence, you are reading me and my personality and that’s what the blog is ultimately about. I think the greatest storytellers, whether song writers, poets, authors, movie writers, etc, are the ones that make you want to watch and listen even if you aren’t necessarily interested in the subject matter, but the story itself, is so captivating and compelling that you can’t – and won’t – turn away. That’s what I attempt to do here. Perhaps everything I write isn’t of interest to you and that is okay. I hope that you will stick around to check out the next piece. And maybe even if the subject piece isn’t of interest to you, perhaps the storytelling is and it will make you think.

With this blog, I hope to make you laugh at times, cry at times, but to always think.
Remember: Vivere est cogitare (To live is to think)


2 thoughts on “Why the Blog?

  1. I totally agree with your words. You have translated in English, what I have always thought since I have had my first blog (many years ago!). And I sincerely appreciate your writing.


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