Veteran’s Day 2013

This piece of poetry I would like to share is something I wrote and dedicated to my paternal grandfather, William Anthony Champagne. I previously wrote about him and my father in another entry on Labor Day 2013.

Some gave…and then some gave all…

For Bill:

Though I never met you,
I can not imagine the fear you felt that night of December 18th,
But, you stayed true to your duty, showing courage to the very end,
And now, I carry the valor instilled in your name,
I never forget your sacrifice,
And if I could, I would tell you,
You are not forgotten because,
Your blood courses my veins…

I especially thank 3 of the most courageous men who have ever lived:
1. My father, Gary William Champagne, who served in the Navy and manned 50 caliber anti aircraft artillery weapons on numerous Destroyers during the Cuban Crisis.
2. My grandfather, Albert R. Flint Jr, (May 1, 1927 – August 13, 2002), who was a Marine who served during the second World War.
3. My father’s father, William Anthony Champagne (June 15, 1923 – December 18, 1944), who was the radio man for the ill-fated USS Spence, defender of the Pacific Theater during the second World War, who was lost at sea at the tender age of 21.

Thanks to all the Veterans as we celebrate your service on this day..

.FamilyThe Champagne Family in 1944 (clockwise from bottom left – my father Gary, my grandmother Helen, and my grandfather William)


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