Do you know me?

Can you see me?

Have you found what was once gone?

A new beginning,

But always ending,

Everything the same as before.

Do you recognize me?

Can you hear me?

Have you found what you’re searching for?

Chance for redemption,

Never mending,

And now you’ll suffer once more.

What is you want to hear?

What do you expect me to say?

Is it really about me,

Does it even matter, anyways?


5 thoughts on “Searching

  1. I hope this comment of mine wont end up in spam again. I dont know why wordpress is doing that, but i guess its a hint that i should stop commenting! Haha.

    Ok, back to the poem. I like the format and how it turned out! Beautiful read.


    • Hi Chatty! Thank you! You are always so kind! Your comment is approved and ready to rock!

      I am in agreement. I think that the most important piece of a poem is the flow. Much like love, I think it is difficult to define or explain but you know it when you see it and feel it. I really think flow can make or break a poem.

      Conversely, I believe that making a poem rhyme is the least important aspect and in some regards, a bit cheesy.


      • Oh absolutely! Of course, it depends on how you rhyme and what words you use, but yes, overall – if your poem reminds of spice girls song lyrics – its not worth reading 😉


      • Hey Chatty! Sorry this comment went to spam too! I wish that would quit happening. I’ll keep that advice in mind coming from a fellow wordsmith. I don’t consider the Spice Girls one of my influences so I think I will be okay. 🙂


      • Oh for crying out loud! That’s a bit unfortunate, no?
        Well…. I really hope that if spice girls are of any influence to anybody, its not for their lyrics 😉


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