Car Accident


Date: 01/10/2014

Time: 0620 hours

Scenario: A winding back road in Northern Virginia during the early morning hours in the rain. A low point in the road from a steep decline, coupled with a close proximity to a waterway creates a sudden drop in temperature that initiates a dichotomy of full traction on the road to suddenly being covered in a sheet of ice. The car I had been following had spun out and crashed into an embankment. I attempted to hit my brakes but due to the ice, they had locked up and I began a descent, rapidly gaining speed.

I made the decision to try and navigate around the car as I saw the driver begin to get out. I figured hitting it would result in the driver’s death, likely pinning him between the car and embankment. This put me in the left lane. I then saw headlights coming in the opposite direction. I figured hitting this oncoming car head on would result in certain death for myself and the other driver. I decided to put my car into the left embankment as a means to stop my car and figured it was the best way to survive the crash. I knew there were not trees present at this point in the road. I attempted to hit the enbankment at about a 70 degree angle so as to wedge the car into the ditch which would hopefully stop it. Unfortunately, I hit it at about a 45 degree angle which caused the car to move up the embankment and flip, landing on the hood.

After about what seemed to be about a half of second to realize I was not seriously hurt, I knew I had to escape the wreckage. I released my seat belt which dropped me to the hood of the car. I called to the driver of the other vehicle to help me and was able to kick out the remaining passenger side window to escape. Wearing my leather gloves and coat helped shield me from the glass of the windshield and passenger side window, both which burst upon impact.

Upon leaving the car, a truck came down the road, lost traction due to the ice, and hit a tree head on.

Result: Four cars involved. Two flipped, including my own and the car I thought was oncoming but was actually overturned. One hit a tree head on. Jaws of life utilized to rescue the driver of the second overturned car. Two individuals hospitalized as a result of the other overturned car and car that hit the tree, but no fatalities and it appeared no serious injuries. For me, only an abrasion on each knee.

Aftermath: I likely totaled my car which I just bought five months ago, but I have my life. In two recent posts, 2013 Comes to a Close and Life’s Little Mysteries, I have spoken a lot about being grateful for what you have, not taking things for granted, and letting your friends and family know you love them, because you don’t know when your time is up. I wasn’t kidding…


15 thoughts on “Car Accident

  1. Wow. That sounds like it was pretty terrifying. It is amazing that you weren’t hurt. But also amazing that everyone came out alive.


    • Thanks Chelsea. I am certainly very glad to still be here. It actually wasn’t too scary because it happened so fast. Once I realized the only way to attempt to take control of the situation was to crash the car, I just hoped for the best. It literally was over by the time you could snap your fingers.


    • Yes, very much so. Sometimes we lose sight of that, especially when we are young. We never know when our time will be up. I suppose that day wasn’t the day my candle was to be extinguished!

      Thanks for reading mincs!

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      • Thanks for the reminder. I hate forgetting this inevitable fact 😦
        Ah, “your time has not come” said that old man in a movie 😉 I wonder what great Purpose you were meant to fulfil 🙂


      • I’ve often wondered myself what my purpose is or if I even have one. Do any of us or is everything happenstance and we are just roaming around in a free system? I know that sounds deep (cause it is) and I’m not trying to turn this into a philosophical topic.

        I’ve been able to help others out so immensely (or so they tell me) that I wonder if that is my purpose. Perhaps I am meant to help others and provide them positive energy and meaning on their journey. Sady, in an ironic twist, I have felt that perhaps I won’t be able to find the joy I seek. Not because of conspiracy or being held down or any other tangible reason but mainly just because the expectations I had for my life are not to be.

        If I die and a few people mourn my loss and remember how I tried to make this life better than I found it then I think I made my life worthwhile. Too many people focus on tangible items but we can’t take anything when we leave this Earth and the only thing we truly leave that is lasting is our memory. Because of that I try to be very thoughtful in my words and actions.


  2. OMG We know all about black ice in the west of Canada where we seldom get snow. We get rain in the winter and if it goes below freezing black ice is present. Black lce present means a waltz with the road potentially. People still drive here like it is summer all year round. This article looks pretty frightful. I’m glad you walked out of this OK


    • Thank you. I credit my quick decision and wearing my seat belt with saving my life.

      I learned to not take that road anytime there is any form of precipitation in the winter. It is a lesson learned.


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