The Cleansing

Let the rain wash over me,

Let it cleanse my sins,

And the blood on my hands,

Let it take away everything,

Dissolving all my pride,

The remnants of my shattered dreams,

Even as I try to push them down inside,

The confidence I may show,

And the pain I keep alive,

The beliefs I hold true,

The fears that tightly grip me,

Are simply washed away in time.


4 thoughts on “The Cleansing

    • It is true we never forget but we can always forgive. We forgive for ourselves as it helps us move past our transgressions. Once we forgive ourselves, we are no longer hindered by our past and can make better decisions.

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      • When I made that connection that we forgive for ourselves, it made a lot more sense. We can’t change others but we can change ourselves. Having a subconscious and that feeling in your gut you betrayed who you are and what you are and not being able to look yourself in the mirror is the worst.

        I’ve come to the resolution that I should always be able to trust myself. No matter what happens I still have myself. But once I have betrayed myself, I’ve really committed the ultimate sin.


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