Dream a Little Dream

Sick and not feeling well, I went to sleep last night and had the most peculiar dream. In the dream, we (a group of people whom I did not know and myself) were looking around a small town, almost like a movie set town, for someone or something. Probably because I was legitimately wrapped up in a number of blankets in my bed, I remember feeling confined and unable to move while attempting to search. I “awoke” from my dream to see a man, dressed in white, standing at the foot of my bed. I didn’t feel scared, nervous, or any type of danger. Instead, I felt almost concerned – not for myself – but why the man was there, like something was wrong.

The man said to me, “He needs help. Can you help him? He needs your help!”

“Of course!” I said, “I will help. What do I need to do?”

I tried to get up, but was too weak, and the man comforted me and told me I should lay down as I could help in other ways. As I laid there, my mind suddenly became free and it was as though the constrictions I felt earlier, were removed. I suddenly felt free. It was almost as the man was saying the person who needed help – was me.


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