The Window to the Soul

I look into your eyes,

See nothing behind,

Wonder where the time has gone,

What happened?

The where, the why,

Everything escapes me,

Why do you seem dead inside?


6 thoughts on “The Window to the Soul

    • I just went and reviewed “Missing” and yes, it does have a very similar theme. This was a piece I put together around the beginning of the new year. With the turn of the calendar, I was reflecting on events in my life. I’ve had a number of people in my life whom had major self-esteem and self-worth issues and I tried to “fix” them but soon came to the realization that I had to let go and couldn’t change or fix them, but they had to make their own changes when they were ready.

      The piece was written about my feelings each time I came to that realization. The feeling of letting go, realizing it was difficult, but still the only decision I could practically make, yet still trying to understand what events brought these individuals to exhibit these characteristics and behavior.


      • I’ve been there. Always had a thing for the sad and broken. Never goes well and I usually end up the sad and broken after everything is said and done. Can’t fix people unless they want help but that’s a very hard lesion to learn.


      • Likewise. I did too especially with respect to dating. I continually ran into the same issues anf finally figured out that while the people were different they always had the same issues and technically it was my problem that I needed to break. It seems so obvious now but at the time and without the proper tools it was difficult to recognize and break the habit.


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