A New Blog

Hello everyone,

I want to first thank all of you for your support on The Haunted Lullaby! I wanted to pass along that I have started a new blog. This new blog won’t affect The Haunted Lullaby so be sure to stay tuned for more perspective, poetry, and thoughts!

But, on to the new blog. It is called Stage Door Stories. If you recall, last summer, I ventured into acting in local theater. I really enjoyed my time in working with Stage Door Productions and made some really great friends. A number of people noticed my blog, liked it, and gave me praise which flattered me greatly.  I was approached about possibly putting together a blog for their theater group which I agreed to. And, after a little time, it has gotten off the ground!

As I mentioned, it is called Stage Door Stories and will seek to not only promote productions and events from Stage Door Productions in Fredericksburg, Virginia, but also host general discussion about theater as well as perspective, some interviews, and more fun stuff to come as we work to find our niche! I hope you will come along for the ride!

The writing will be a little different from The Haunted Lullaby but if you enjoy my blog and/or enjoy theater, I would invite you to come check it out and please follow us. Even if you don’t live in my area, there will still be plenty of great articles to read and discussions to participate in. And as always, look for new stuff on The Haunted Lullaby.

Stage Door Stories



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