Giants Suck

I like the New York Giants. Nay. I LOVE the New York Giants. I’ve been a fan since 1990. I bleed blue (well, at least theoretically) and I enjoy spending Sunday afternoons during football season yelling at the TV to help the guys out. The more I yell though, the less they seem to listen to me. Perhaps now I know what women feel like in dealing with men. Anyways, for those of you who aren’t American (or are American but don’t know NFL football – are you truly American then?), the New York Giants are an American professional football team based out of New Jersey. Yes, I know the name is New York. Yes, it makes no sense. I didn’t invent the rules, I just root for the team. Regardless, my fandom fanaticism of the team plays a crucial role in this next story, as does the fact that one of the Giants’ major rivals, the Washington Redskins, are the local team and favorite of most of the locals.

I used to own a home in one of the neighborhoods in the city I currently live. Both entrances to the neighborhood include steep hills. This one particular winter we had a pretty good snowstorm which made the roads slippery with both snow and ice. Upon coming to one of the entrances to return home, I noticed a line of cars attempting to go up the hill, but none meeting with success. Some adventurous types, apparently with rear wheel drive cars, attempted to go up the hill backwards, but still did not meet with success. After about 5 minutes of watching idiots fellow neighbors and visitors repeat the same actions and meet with the same results time and time again, I decided that my little Mazda 626 was not going to make it either. So, I parked in the parking lot of the store at the bottom of the hill and decided my best course of action was to walk home. Then, once the streets had been plowed, return for my car later in the afternoon.

Now, I had about a two mile walk ahead of me through the snow and was ill equipped for such a perilous journey. I was wearing jeans, tennis shoes, and my beloved New York Giants hooded sweatshirt. So, I set off on foot and came to the top of the hill, already cold, and my feet beginning to numb. A very large truck, obviously equipped with four wheel drive, came barreling down the road and began to slow down upon seeing me. “Great,” I thought, “this guy will likely give me a ride or at least ask if I need help.” As expected the truck slowed as he neared me, and the driver rolled down the window, but, much to my surprise, didn’t offer a ride, or any help, but instead screamed in my face, “GIANTS SUCK!” He then rolled up the window and continued on his way. As I turned to look at the truck leaving, I noticed, yep, a Washington Redskins logo sticker on the back glass of the truck cab.




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