The Dark Path


This is likely one of the most excruciatingly heartfelt pieces I have ever written. I had just bottomed out and I felt very alone. Isolated. Depressed. Heartbroken. Everything I once knew and had worked so hard for – now gone. It is odd to say I like this poem, but reflecting on it and reading it, I am immediately taken right back to the emotion I felt that very moment while writing it. It is always peculiar how words can do that.

Ashes where I used to lay,
Seeking and searching but can’t find the way,
None of the answers I see are for me…

Looking towards the other side,
My path is dark, nowhere to hide,
Am I running out of time?

I look around,
No one like me,
Differences all I see,
Is this world ready for me?

Thinking back on what I’ve lost,
At what price, there is no cost,
Mistakes are never free…



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