The Nerd

So I am continuing my adventures in theater. I have landed a role in the production of The Nerd being produced by The Lake of the Wood Players in Locust Grove, Virginia. I am partnering up with an ensemble cast that should provide for an amazing production. The play is being directed by the team of Barbara and Mel Cochran and stage managed by Sam Zaccagnino.

While the last production I participated in was a drama, this production is a very funny comedy. The story takes place in 1979 and is about a young 30 something architect named Willum Cubbert, who lives in Terra Haute, Indiana. Willum was a draftsman for the Army Quartermaster Corps during the Vietnam War. He is shot and his life is saved by a fellow wounded soldier named Rick Steadman. Willum never had the chance to meet Rick as after waking up in a Japanese hospital, he had found Rick had already been transferred out. But, he was able to obtain Rick’s information from the office of records and they begin a friendly conversation through letters. Willum is extremely thankful for Rick’s actions and feels as though he owes him his life – literally. He has told Rick that anything he needs – money, a place to stay, the shirt off his back – that he will help Rick out. So, one day, Rick cashes in, showing up at Willum’s birthday party where Willum is hosting friends and business partners. And, Willum finds that Rick isn’t exactly who he expected him to be.

I will be bringing to life the character of Rick Steadman, aka “The Nerd.” I don’t want to spoil the story for those that are local and might want to come see the play but for those that won’t be able to make it, click on this link to learn more about this production written by Larry Shue.

The Nerd by Larry Shue

The Nerd by Larry Shue


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