Nine Dead

Nine Dead movie poster

Nine Dead movie poster

I watched an interesting movie this weekend on Netflix. The movie was entitled Nine Dead and stars Melissa Joan Hart and William Lee Scott. The film is a 2009 horror film in the vein of Hostel and Saw. The premise of the movie involves nine individuals being taken captive and chained within a room. Their captor tells them that they are all there for a reason and have a specific connection. Every 10 minutes, he will kill one of the individuals unless they can tell him why they are there. If they can figure it out, he says he will release all the survivors, call the police, confess, and turn himself in.

Much like Saw, the movie presents a scenario where individuals must work together and put a group effort above their singular efforts to become free. The movie does have a major difference though. Rather than a copy cat scenario to determine merely whether humans will work together, or turn on one another, under extreme mitigating circumstances, there is a twist. The captives have to perform an introspective diagnosis of their lives and conscience to share their deepest, darkest sins to try to figure out how they are linked. The movie forces the viewer to examine not only the characters, but ultimately their own lives, to determine what exactly is right and what is wrong. Are we wrong only when we get caught? Are we right as long as we can justify or rationalize our decisions? Are our sins any different than our neighbors, though we may feel and judge differently? What weight do our actions carry in affecting other lives?

If you like psychological thrillers, I would highly recommend this movie. I really enjoyed it and it made me think a lot about the society we have built and how we judge right and wrong. Please note – the movie is rated “R” for language and violence.

Nine Dead promotional poster

Nine Dead promotional poster


5 thoughts on “Nine Dead

  1. I think the degree of wrong you have done in your past dictates the punishment you deserve in the future, if you are finally caught.
    Minor wrong doings fade and don’t matter anymore, like stealing your room mates girlfriend from him.(HEY! He should have been more attentive to her!)
    If you ever stole from someone in a minor offense(5 dollars), you will probably never be caught unless you confess. Many of the minor things, you pay for within yourself…so you do pay by feeling guilt and sorry for the act you committed in the past.
    I have no guilt for my past as I was a perfect human being. I am happy for that.


    • That’s an interesting take! If you were perfect then how could you know that people would feel guilt for minor things, never having committed any yourself? 🙂


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