Moving On


If you could forgive,
Then I could forget,
And everything will be fine in due time…


5 thoughts on “Moving On

    • Thank you Lissy! You are always so gracious in your comments! 🙂

      I have a couple of very short pieces I think I am going to roll out. I am not sure if I discussed this with you or someone else but I think the most important aspects of poetry is the emotion conveyed (aka how it moves you) and the flow. I think two of the least important things are the length and making it rhyme – I actually hate when it is obvious people purposely chose words to make it rhyme.

      I’ve read poems on the reader where they were so long, once I got to the end, I couldn’t even remember what the beginning was about.

      Thank you again for the kind words! I will look forward to more of your work in the coming days!


      • I agree Jarrod I don’t think a poem needs to rhyme either to convey the emotion and message of it and I totally know what your saying about the whole rhyming just to rhyme thing. I hate that too! Although I have to say I do tend sway towards more lyrical poems but that could be the song writer in me! I look forward to hearing some of your other works as well 🙂


      • I find your writing very unique. It is a different style than mine though I find similar themes between our works. I know we have directly discussed a couple but I have noticed it in other areas as well.

        I am always interested to see your particular take on a theme that I have a similar interest in. I get the impression are paths in life have been parallel at times, both through our discussions and our pieces.


      • Isn’t that beautiful though? That one can find so much of themselves in others words? That’s what I love so much about writing and even reading. I get to find little pieces of myself every time I jot something down or read someone’s else’s words that maybe express how Ive felt before or are feeling at the moment and maybe it’s even something that I haven’t been able to articulate myself. Seeing it written by others sometimes helps me pin point my emotions and work through it. How corny it sounds but.. Words are just my favorite!! 🙂


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