Trouble, Again

Out and about a few nights ago, you wouldn’t believe who I happened to come upon. You’d think I had figured her out based upon our last meeting, but no, she still left me reeling…


Image taken by Jamie Beck courtesy of

Image taken by Jamie Beck courtesy of

Out on the scene,
And whom do I see,
Staring, standing, looking right at me,
Those green eyes shining like emeralds,
And armed with her wicked smile,
She sauntered over I assumed to chat for a while,
“Well, well, what do we have here?” she said,
With a grin I said, “How have you been?”
“Oh, I am doing much better now,” answered those red devilish lips,
She slipped her hand into mine,
Took another sip of her drink,
“Would you like anything, my dear,” she asked,
I raised a glass to show her I was fine,
She flashed that sultry smile,
Her green eyes piercing mine,
Slowly turned away,
Slipping my arm around her waist,
I was surprised that she seemed to be alone,
No one came looking for her,
Nor did anyone else offer her a hello,
“There is something I need to know,” she stated,
Her hand turning in mine,
“Why don’t you have a girlfriend, you are such a nice guy!”
I thought the request was odd,
My face a tell, wanting to know why,
“Aww, did I hit a sensitive spot? I just wanna know!” she said with some sass,
I gave no reply,
She laid down her glass,
Wrapped her arms around my neck,
“I’ve got to go,” she whispered,
Running her fingers down my chest,
She walked towards the crowd,
Turned and flashed her sensual smile,
And with a few steps,
As I watched the sway of her hips,
She disappeared into the night.


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