Ode to Sorrow

I wrote this one during the lowest part of my life where I felt like everything was falling apart. I’ve shared other pieces written during that same time frame. As I discussed in my piece of why I seriously started writing poetry, writing about those turbulent times really helped me to navigate the feelings I was experiencing.


When I look back on what I’ve done,
Always left feeling wanting more,
Likely cause I’ve spent my whole life trying to settle the score,
So few people believed in me,
He’ll be dead by twenty-one she’d say,
Well I’m still here fighting my way,
Will I bend or will I break?
How much more can I possibly take?
I’ve asked for nothing,
But yet, always seem to be at the center of something,
Is a tragedy really life’s comedy?
I had it all laid out,
But now so much is in doubt,
I crawl now on my hands and knees,
To try and reach some goal that I know will never be,
I sing this sweet lullaby,
As the tears fall from my eyes,
Knowing this is the death of my dream.


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