His Favorite Band is Live

My sister dated a guy one time whose favorite band was Live. If you are unaware, Live is an American rock band that was popular in the mid 1990s. They continue to perform and record to this day. My father apparently was not aware of this. A discussion about music occurred between my father and my sister’s boyfriend one day which went a little something like this:


Dad: So, what kind of music do you like?

Boyfriend: Rock music.

Dad: Who is your favorite band?

Boyfriend: Live.

Dad: Right. Who is your favorite band?

Boyfriend: (With some hesitation) Live.

Dad: I understand you like seeing the band live but what is their name?

*Crickets in the background

Boyfriend: Ummm….

Me: Dad, the name of the musical act is Live. That’s the name of the band. Live.

Dad: (confused look)

Here is “Lightning Crashes” by Live. You know, the band? The performance isn’t actually live. You know what I mean. I think.



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