The Price I’ve Paid


This is the price I’ll pay,

For all the mistakes I made,

No matter what I do,

No matter how I change,

No matter my growth,

No matter what I say,

I know forgiveness isn’t your forte,

You’ll never let me go,

Yet punish me to my dying day.


6 thoughts on “The Price I’ve Paid

  1. No one should pay the price for someone else’s inability to forgive, that is abuse. Everybody deserves forgiveness; however, reconciliation is not always possible–I believe that’s okay.

    lol just pressing ‘random post’ sorry if these comments are all over the place


    • It is borne more out of insecurity from these individuals. They manifest their insecurities and unhappiness with themselves on others. Unfortunately, I’ve dealt with that a lot.

      No, please continue to read. I am very glad to have you here and welcome your comments. They have been very insightful and intriguing. It has been a pleasure to listen to your thoughts. Thank you again!

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      • We do. I know I have plenty. I just think some choose to recognize their weaknesses and improve them so that they become a strength. Others use them as a crutch and they let it become their achilles hell.


      • Ahh, yes. That was actually a typo. My apologies. That’s odd cause I read that post (like all of my posts) a number of times for accuracy and did not catch that. Thank you for turning it into something profound and making me look better! Haha! 🙂


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