Come and Knock on our Door

….we’ve been waiting for you. Well, not exactly. I don’t receive a lot of visitors at my place. For one, my place isn’t big so there isn’t a lot of room for entertaining and it takes a bit of effort to get to where I live. With that said, I was surprised when there was a loud knock at my door two days ago. I peered through the peep hole and saw a guy about 5’8″ with a red beard standing at my door. Not knowing the individual, I opened the door. This then ensued:

Awkward silence that lasts about three seconds.

Red Beard stares straight ahead at me with a very intense stare. I actually feel a little uneasy.

Me: Hi.

Red Beard: Ummm…

Me: Can I help you?

Suddenly, another individual turns into the doorway…and looks JUST LIKE Red Beard. They must be twins. Literally. Let’s refer to this fine fellow, also equipped with a red beard, as “Red Beard #2.” Are we all in agreement? Great.

Oh, I almost forgot. Red Beard #2 is carrying an armful of board games. This guy would make the CEO of Hasbro smile. I’m talking like six to seven games, which I immediately notice. I’m down for some boards games, maybe I should invite them in. Serial killers don’t carry Jenga, right?

Red Beard #1: (realizing this isn’t whom they expected) Hmm…we are looking for our friend.

Me: Looks like you gentlemen have a fun evening planned.

Red Beard #1: (breaks into a warm smile) Yeah, hmmm…I guess we will try another door.

Me: (Intently focused on the board game collection in Red Beard #2’s arms) Okay.

Red Beard #2 either is not able to speak or doesn’t care to speak but gives myself and Red Beard #1 a very confused look, clearly perplexed that this isn’t his friend’s place and perhaps annoyed that he just lugged a large number of board games up two flights of stairs.

Red Beard #1: Really sorry to bother you. Have a good night!

Me: No problem! You as well.

About 15 seconds pass and I look out my window and notice both Red Beards standing in the parking lot looking at each building perplexed. Red Beard #1 scratches his head. I can only assume Red Beard #2 would have done the same had he not been carrying the entire Parker Brothers inventory in his arms.

Red Beards…do not pass Go and DO NOT collect $200 dollars!


23 thoughts on “Come and Knock on our Door

    • I am sure Red Beard # 2 was hoping that too so he didn’t have to carry the games.

      Here is a game for them: There are like 200 apartments in this complex and they all look the same! Which one is your friend’s? Let’s put 60 seconds on the clock! Good luck!


      • That’s terrible haha, I used to hate going to my now ex boyfriends apartment because it was at the top floor and there were two sets of stairs and a long hallway before you reached the door that was his and it was confusing to me the way it was set up so I would sent him texts to open the door or come outside so I wouldn’t forget.


      • He should have been more respectful and walked you up to his apartment and down to your car when you left. Not only for safety but in case you needed any help with your belongings. I think you are deserving of that type of respect.


      • Now that you mention it, that would have been nice. But I’m just so used to doing everything myself that I never would ask for help or for him to come meet me. I’m sure if I asked he would have met me at my car and walked me down but it’s not that big of a deal. He is a really great guy. I don’t mean to downplay him.


      • I’m not judging him. I don’t know him.

        I don’t think it is necessarily that you need help. It is just a nice gesture to say hello and make one feel welcomed. It is something I have always done but to each their own I suppose.


      • You just got to look hard enough. 🙂

        I am finding respect and common courtesy are endanger of becoming extinct these days though. It makes me wonder sometimes.


      • I feel you. We have made your blog comments extremely long because of this convo. Sorry it got so off track.


      • No need to apologize. That’s the point of a blog – to share ideas and experiences. I was hoping more of this would occur. Hopefully, others will become inspired and share more!


      • Oh yeah, blogging like a boss. I have absolutely no idea what to write about, but I’m determined to keep my blog up.


      • I’ve checked out your blog and see you are brand new. Welcome! The advice I saw concerning blogging was to find one subject and stick to it to give your blog a theme, i.e cooking, football, music, etc. I kicked that to the curb though. I wanted to reach a large number of people and I didn’t want to eliminate a portion of my audience because they were not into (insert subject here).

        I started my blog because I love writing and I wanted to show case my poetry. Slowly, I have morphed my blog into a combination of poems, random thoughts about my past, present, and future, funny narratives, and just about any random idea I have. People seem to really like the poems and are slowly taking to the narratives, particularly the goofy things that happen to me in life.

        There are two things I never blog about though. I don’t talk about my personal relationship with a significant other or directly about my job. I think these two things should be kept close to the vest.


      • They are juicy, that’s for sure. But, I don’t think it is fair to discuss my relationship with a significant other over the internet. It is better to keep those things close to the vest.

        As for my job, I would prefer not be fired if I complain or make derogatory statements about my employer.


      • Check this out. This is an article I wrote on my blog, about why I started my blog. Perhaps it will stimulate something in you and give you some ideas and direction where you want your own to go.


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