I Choose Me

I will admit it has taken me a long time to reach this conclusion – 30 years to be exact. I guess that is a long time depending on your age. But, we all move through life at different paces in our journey and that is the time I needed to reach the mark on my journey.

It is a shame that people treat one another so poorly at times. I’ve found this often is fueled by an individual not being happy with themselves and as a result, they manifest their problems and insecurities on you. It stinks and is upsetting but there is nothing you can do to change them. These people don’t think rationally and thus, don’t arrive at rational conclusions, only ones based solely on emotion.

Let's get ready to rumble! Image courtesy of www.clipartheaven.com

Let’s get ready to rumble!

Though difficult, I have found the best way to combat these individuals is to realize it is them – not you. Though we are all creatures of emotion, it is best to realize these individuals are emotionally scarred and damaged and are lashing out at you because they are upset with themselves and don’t know how to make it better, or perhaps, care to make it better.

stop blaming others

There is no win. Fighting fire with fire only works to create an anger in you that is coupled with a nice side of high blood pressure! The best way to combat these individuals is just to not care and move on. Don’t let them break you, affect you, or suck you down into their abyss. You know who you are. You know what your character and integrity entail.

Even Spinal Tap would have been proud of this – crank it past 11 to 18!    

A very wise man once told me that only insecure people have to fight for what they believe in. At first, I found it to be counter intuitive, but once I thought about it, I realized he was right. The things we know are true, we don’t have to defend against anyone, because of just that – we know they are true.

I’ve lost way too much time, sleep, and energy dealing with people that weren’t worth my time or efforts. They have taken me on a roller coaster ride of emotion through all the ups and downs and twists and turns of their personality. And, it was my fault because I allowed them to. Don’t make the same mistake. Walk away and show apathy. Spend your energy on people whom respect, value, and love you.

Which side of your personality will I get to see today?

Which side of your personality will I get to see today?

Can anyone guess where the title of this post comes from?

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Image 3


4 thoughts on “I Choose Me

    • It is amazing how clear things become when your eyes are opened to the reality of the situation! It is even more amazing that some people never reach this milestone in life. Thanks for reading! I always enjoy your comments!


      • How did you get your copyright? I always see people watermarking their pictures but I think it sometimes ruins them so I wanted to get one. But I have no idea if it’s free or if I need to pay or what to do. You always help me out so I figured you might be able to tackle this question.


  1. Do you mean my copyright statement at the bottom of the blog page or when I post a picture that I photographed? If you are referencing pictures, when I upload them through the “Add Media” section, in the “Caption” area, I write a copyright notation, the year, and my name. Is that what you are referencing?


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