The Well

Put down my pail cause now I am through...

Put down my pail cause now I am through…

I’ve went to the well so many times,

But this time is different,

Cause the well went dry,

My pail of water shall not be filled,

“We’ll all be thirsty,”

”And surely die,”

“We need the water!”

All the townspeople cry!

I’m tired of the journey,

From all the walking,

My feet are so sore,

And here I sit,

Cause I don’t want to do it anymore,

I won’t do the deed,

With no more fetching of water,

The townspeople move on,

And me?

Nothing more than a pawn,

Tasked to fetch water,

Cause there is always another well,

Each time one goes dry.


8 thoughts on “The Well

  1. This verse came to mind: but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”- John 4:14


      • It just feels like an analogy for the way we look for earthly things to fill the void. Also how we sometimes become co dependent and try to offer others something to fill their void to and inevitably those things run out. No long term fulfillment.


      • The piece was written from the perspective of providing a service whether a physical service, such as in a job, or an emotional service, such as a personal relationship whether platonic or romantic.

        The idea is that once the service is no longer provided you are no longer needed. Your sole purpose is to provide that service for society, an organization, friends, family, or for a significant other. Once they no longer need what you provide or perhaps can obtain what is provided in other ways, they move on, and in turn, you move on, but to what? Perhaps, the same situation? The poem indirectly hints at feelings of a one-sided relationship where the fetcher of the water is the sole provider for the townspeople and receiving nothing more in return than cries to provide more.


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