Hidden Treasures

This weekend, I traveled to Pennsylvania to attend the wedding of some friends. I took the back roads through the countryside which proved to be very scenic. It was evident that a number of large farms once were part of the land the roads now pass through. Some of the ruins are still visible from the road. At one stop at a gas station, I noticed this directly across the road and snapped a photograph.

Image copyright Jarrod Champagne , 2014

Image copyright Jarrod R. Champagne, 2014


12 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures

  1. What a great picture! I’d love to know the stories behind old abandoned places, like this one, you pass on the road all the time… Thank you for sharing!


    • The wedding was really nice. It was held on a private farm. The wedding ceremony was held outside near a quaint little pond. It started to briefly rain large cold droplets of water during the beginning of the ceremony but the weather held out. The reception was inside the barn which is no longer active as a barn. It appears to be used more for entertainment purposes. All in all it was a wonderful day and I’m very happy for the couple.

      They did something I thought was a great idea and very unique. After the ceremony, the bride and groom ushered out each row of people sitting and greeted them. (This was a small wedding). I thought this was a great idea to greet everyone now so they could be sure to eat and enjoy themselves and not feel like they had to greet everyone during dinner. When that tends to happen, they bride and groom don’t get to eat.

      They also had a lot of activities going on. Besides a dance floor, patrons could go fishing in the pond (the groom’s brother caught a bass), there was cornhole, a cigar bar, and sangria and even some moonshine! As the evening was nearing the end, an ice cream truck pulled up and served the guests. This was on top of the large dessert bar already present. It was really something.


      • That sounds so amazing and fun. What a great event to be a part of. Apple pie moonshine is the bees knees. I love small weddings. If I ever get married I would love to have a small rustic wedding.


      • Awe, you’re so sweet. It seems so crazy to me someone’s because a good ninety percent of my friends are getting married or having kids and all I want is to get my RN degree. Haha since I’m not dead yet I figure I’ve still got loads of time.


      • Ah, it sounds like you are at that special age where all your friends get married and then shortly start having kids. I think looking at marriage and relationships in general is better through the prism of the right person and the right timing rather than the essence of time and needing to accomplish something. Too many people look at marriage and having children as a notch on their belt – the next thing to achieve in the timeline of their life and it usually ends with poor results.

        Good luck on accomplishing your goal of earning your degree. How far are you away from it?

        You seem like a wonderful woman and going into nursing is a real tell. Most people that go into that job are obviously very caring and warm. It is a very selfless decision. I think it is one of the most challenging jobs out there.


      • I am a year and a half away. So not to far off! I would have already received my degree but I was in my junior year of college for my bachelors in Elementary Education and decided it just wasn’t the job for me. I couldn’t see myself doing this job everyday and being happy with the pay and the hours for all the work I was putting in.

        As far as relationships go I’ve always been really late on the dating game. I didn’t even have a serious relationship until I was out of high school. whenever it’s my time I will be happy. I just got so tired of trying to make things happen when it was apparent it wasn’t supposed to be happening. Thank you for all your compliments, they’re extremely nice.


      • Sure no problem. Dating is tough, that’s for sure. I think one of the best mechanisms of dating is that it helps you figure out what you don’t want in a significant other. You aren’t too late. Everything is based upon timing. I think you can meet someone you are compatible with but if the timing isn’t right for whatever reason for even one of you, then the relationship won’t work. As you mentioned, if you tend to go looking for things, they often times turn out to be not what you wanted.

        You are almost there with respect to your education! I am glad you made the decision to move away from something that you didn’t feel was right for you. Too many people feel they are too far along and just “stick it out” then end up unhappy. Jobs are hard enough with red tape, and sometimes bad coworkers and bosses, and rough environments, it doesn’t need to be made more difficult when you don’t like what you need to do and wake up everyday dreading the day ahead.


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