So Far Away


Desperate heart,

Confused mind,

Why does everything I do fall apart at the seams?

A quick decision,

Or a long process,

Nothing makes sense in between,

Lost love,

Searching for hope,

The answers are far away for me.



8 thoughts on “So Far Away

      • That’s funny you say that. I don’t date any of my poems, but each time I read them, I can always remember the approximate time frame it was written and what inspired the piece.

        I was thinking about the pieces I’ve written and focusing on the favorites I have. I’ve asked a number of people what pieces of mine they like the best and why. I am always interested in their answer and why they feel that way.

        I have another piece I haven’t shared that might just be my best so far. I’ve held on to it for almost four years and never shared it with anyone. It is deeply personal but I think I have found the place in life where I feel comfortable sharing it and I think I have met enough friends (like you) that would appreciate the work for what it is.

        I’m always so interested in fellow poets and their motivations for the works they produce.


      • I’d love to read it sometime when you feel ready to share it with eager ears! I think the personal one.. The ones we pour our heart and soul into and leave a little piece of us behind. Those are the ones that are always our favorites but also the ones we have the most trouble sharing with others in fear of being judged on those delicate pieces that means so much to us. I have a few like that as well and maybe one day I will have the courage to put them on as well..


      • Thank you. I’d like to have you read it.

        I agree. For me, the strongest writings I’ve produced and biggest accomplishments I have achieved have come out turbulence, stress, sadness, loss, and anger. As I have discussed before, I have found writing to be a good avenue to explore my feelings especially when I feel upset or angry.

        The piece you wrote in two parts about the shoebox really stuck with me. I found that very poignant, well written, and touching. Of all the people I read, I think your writing is the most stylistically similar to mine. Your pieces are always very moving.

        And, you are the one that inspired me to start posting pictures with the works. Once I read your blog, I really discovered how an image could really complement and heighten the emotion and feeling the work was delivering. So, thanks for that Lissy! 🙂


      • Aww thanks so much Jarrod! That makes me feel great!! I write because I love it and it makes me feel so much better to get my feelings out on paper but also because I hope to inspire others, give them something to think about, or even the hope to have some one read one of my pieces and say this is exactly how I feel right now.. To hear that someone feels that way is just amazing!! 🙂 the shoe box piece is also one of my favorites. There’s a lot in that piece that means so much to me and I really appreciate you showing the love to something that is rooted deep in my soul.


      • Hey Lissy. Sure no problem. I think you are an excellent writer and your blog is one of my favorites that I follow. I feel like your poems are written in such a poignant form especially those from such emotion. They really capture the reader and allow them to vicariously experience what you are describing. I don’t think a lot of people have the ability to do that. You also use a lot of word play, metaphor, and symbolism as I do.

        I’m enjoying your narratives as well. That seems to be new ground with you or at least since I have followed you. I think it shows a different side and style of writing.


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