The Calling


What is the motivation of one’s calling?

Is it power, money, sex, or even fame?

What if all those have been conquered?

What has one left to gain?

I have no authority,

No silver or gold to offer,

I keep no wife,

I am the nothing to you,

Simply existing without a name,

I am a rich man,

Though poor by your standards,

I hold wisdom and knowledge,

And keeping them within a burning flame,

The flame burns blue,

And though at times may wane,

But I will keep it alive,

Burning passionately,

Guiding me,

Driving me,

Creating a legacy,

Always to remain,

Even after I’m gone.


10 thoughts on “The Calling

  1. Love it! Favorite line “I am the nothing to you, Simply existing without a name, I am a rich man, though poor to your standards,”


  2. May I ask good sir, to whom does the poet write when he says, “I owe nothing to you… poor by your standards.”

    A great reflexive piece – this are great gaps between reality and intention, dream and lucidity.


    • Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed the piece!

      The “you” is our society and the false bravado we have built up in the hero worship of individuals who are famous for having achieved nothing and basically are famous for being famous. We’ve created this sense that people whom possess a certain title, a certain car, a house of a specific size, or have a certain quantity of money are therefore successful, talented, and skilled. But you can have these things but still not be talented. Being rich can be defined in other avenues which doesn’t always equate to monetary values.

      I didn’t actually have a line that says “I owe nothing to you”. There is a line that says “I am the nothing to you”. This line references many difference facets of society that look down upon others because they aren’t the right religion, color, social class, etc. They take things at face value and judge on that component alone. They aren’t interested in getting to know people past what they see on the cover.

      That entire passage you discussed (“I am the nothing to you…Though poor by your standards”) ties these ideas together and specifically references my dealings with an individual who had dismissed me because I didn’t possess something they value. Therefore they wrote me off completely and saw me as having no value. They never sought to explore the gifts or skills I have beyond that one component they placed immense value on. Thus, I was “nothing” to them.

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      • Thank you for your kindly explanation, Jarrod. I am disturbed that you have experienced discrimination based on your social or intellectual status. It’s appalling that social signifiers such as fancy cars, large houses, fancy clothing etc are used to as the basis of prejudice. I believe everyone, no matter what, deserves the right to be heard and respected.

        although, I’ll admit some definitely lose this right; however, they are a minority. Also their ‘loss’ never, I might add, has anything to do with their social status, income status, or career status—it’s almost always about how they treat their fellow humans.

        I’m glad that you’re able to see through the lies. Do let the person behind the pronoun stereotype you. There’s almost always another way, even if the system seems to only present one.


      • Thank you but it is okay. We all experience difficult times. We can’t control others, only ourselves. What is important is not to lower ourselves to these individuals’ standards, which can be difficult as we are creatures of emotion.

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