Poetry Contest

I’ve decided that the time is right to enter some of my poetry into a contest. The deadline for submissions is August 15th. Up to three poems can be submitted. No art work or illustrations will be accepted.  I don’t have any expectations for this as poetry is very subjective. I just think it will be a fun opportunity.  It would be great to win but perhaps it will help to continue to show case my work and create new networking opportunities, find new friends, and help me meet fellow poets that I might find inspiring.

I was writing to see if any of the loyal followers of The Haunted Lullaby had any suggestions on which poems I should submit. If you had a suggestion, why did you select that one? What did it move in you? Perhaps you had a suggestion of one you didn’t like and think I shouldn’t submit? If so, why did it make you feel that way?


2 thoughts on “Poetry Contest

  1. Hey Jarrod,
    I know it would be interesting to see which poetry was everyone’s favorite and I guess I would venture to seeing the results too…BUT, I would NOT let the results influence me on which to submit and I will tell you why.
    For me, poetry and song writing can be very personal.
    It is a fact that these submissions of the heart, very deep and personal, these are the one’s that everyone recites and sings for generations.
    A small audience may not be able to quite give a proper recommendation verses the billions of people out there.
    In other words, I would follow my heart.
    ANYTHING that you have wrote fluently without much thought, that is the one to submit!
    This is the secret to success.
    If you felt something that much… that you were compelled to put it into writing…it is a GEM!

    Then again, I am your brother, I am old, and I love you. Times have changed, but I think it is good advice.
    I hope you make the correct decision and base it on all factors and you WIN!


    • Gary,

      I appreciate the comment and you are right. I am not looking for a vote to figure out which to submit but I was more or less interested in people’s general opinions of what they liked and how it struck them.

      As a talented songwriter and musician, your opinion is dead on. This is a very subjective matter and I can’t assume my words will strike an individual in the manner that inspired me to write it, but perhaps it struck something in them as passionately, but just differently. If so, I would care to know how and why.

      As always, I appreciate the advice. I will let you know how things turn out.

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