10 Years

Today marks my ten year anniversary of moving to Virginia. It is hard for me to believe it has been ten years already. Where did the time go?

I will never forget that move and the excitement I felt. I was in a new place, ready to meet new people, and starting a new job. I felt so alive at that time as there were so many things on the horizon. I look back on that moment fondly.

The first apartment I lived in upon moving will always be my favorite. It was a very quaint little one bedroom apartment that was built sometime in the late 60s or early 70s and didn’t look too far out of place from that era with the main culprit being the bright yellow tub and bathroom counter. The rear of my place faced the main road and I can recall sitting on the couch with the patio door open just watching the traffic pass by.

I actually went to look at another apartment complex and found this one. I called the leasing office to get more information and it sounded great! The cost to rent per month? 770 dollars with all utilities included! Simply phenomenal! I drove down to the leasing office from my hotel and noticed that everyone out and about in the complex was old – real old. It was then I saw a sign that said “55 and over community.”  I was shocked. I have a deep voice but there is no way they assumed I was over 55. Right?

I went into the office and was greeted with a smile and a hearty salutation! After presenting some paperwork, I finally got the courage to ask about the 55 and over sign. I was told that about 80% of the residents were 55 and over and about 20% were under that age. It made sense – kind of?

So much has changed in that time – some for the better and some for the worse – but either way all of these events have helped shape my life and personality into who I am today. And it started, right here, ten years ago today!

Here is my picture taken at the first apartment complex I lived at in Virginia. They would occasionally have car shows there which I always enjoyed!

I wish I could tell you one of these were mine. Image copyright Jarrod Champagne Copyright Jarrod R. Champagne 2014

I wish I could tell you one of these was mine.
Image copyright Jarrod R. Champagne, 2014

I still have that shirt I am wearing in the picture!


12 thoughts on “10 Years

  1. What a great way to reflect back on your time in one state. Time seems to move more quickly every year doesn’t it? Funny how a year, even a month, used to seem so much longer than it does now…
    I hope you still feel as alive as you mentioned in your post because I am sure there are a great many things still awaiting you on that horizon. Congratulations on your 10 years!
    (Awesome cars by the way…perhaps you could have just let the picture suggest one was yours?)


    • Those endless summer days seem like eons ago. As we grow older, we find ourselves busier and busier. It is easy to let life pass us by. I’ve discovered, the hard way, we have to stop and make times for the ones we love as well as the things we love.

      If the car had been mine, I would have been sitting in the driver’s side! Maybe one day. I’ve always dreamed of the 1967 Mustang.


      • I am not happy go lucky by any stretch of the imagination but I’ve found a sour attitude can make any situation bad and any bad situation worse. Sometimes we can make our situations better and other times we can’t. For the times we can’t, a positive attitude helps us to find the strength to persevere.


      • We all learn in time. The key is whether we want to try and learn from our experiences and grow. If so, we have new tools to utilize to face future challenges. I’ve found most people don’t want to do that though. They would rather place blame and quit rather than try to persevere.


      • I have found that to be true, as well. I think a lot of people just think it’s too hard; they’d rather sit and complain about their situation instead of fixing it.

        I used to be that person but have found the solutions to be simple but difficult because it requires time which many don’t like because it isn’t immediate.

        I 100% agree with you and as I’m learning more about myself and life God allows me to see more and more things about others and the way I view them.


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