Robin Williams

The world continues to mourn and react as it appears that the beloved American comedian and actor Robin Williams took his own life, passing at the age of 63 on August 11th. I’m always saddened to learn when anyone takes their life. That an individual felt so lonely and worthless that they felt the world was better off without them makes me feel very disheartened. I wish I could tell them that I care and I am glad they are here in the world, even if I don’t know them. We all have a place, and someone who cares, somewhere.

Robin Williams in 2007 (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

Robin Williams in 2007 (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

May you rest in peace Mr. Williams and thank you for the decades of entertainment.



2 thoughts on “Robin Williams

  1. I don’t understand why he did it.
    He had no worries about money as far as I know.
    He had no losses of close family that I know of.
    I think he was healthy….what could trigger such a thing?
    Clinical depression maybe?
    The guy had a good fulfilling life.
    It makes no sense, but I think eventually the truth will surface and it will make a small bit of sense.
    Everyone has problems in life. Most of the time, you can resolve them. Most of the time, life is worth living.


    • We will likely never know the full story. I would assume it would be clinical depression. For someone to get to a point where they actually attempt to take their own life, I would assume the battle has been on-going for awhile.

      We associate suicide with people who have lost relatives, jobs, or are in huge financial holes. But, we have seen many celebrities also perform the act with what most would assume would be comfortable lives. I think for those of us that aren’t in a mindset where we would try such a thing, it is difficult to grasp. This is especially the case for an individual who was so vibrant, energetic, and brought smiles to so many people. He helped many of us to escape our realities and problems, even if for a few hours.

      Hopefully, the one silver lining from this situation, with Mr. Williams being a high profile persona, is that it sparks a lightning rod where people recognize the symptoms in friends and family and don’t sit by idly but attempt to get them help. By saying that, I am not suggesting that Williams’ family sat by idly but there are numerous cases where people figured it was a phase.


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