The Thin Line

Even the most serene circumstances can be full of danger... Image courtesy of

Even the most serene circumstances can be full of danger…

I play with fire,

Never get burned,

I straddle the line,

Always take the right turn,

I walk the ledge,

Peer over the edge,

Stare down danger,

Ask for no help,

Accept my fate,

Take my life in my own hands,

Truth or consequences,

Nothing in between,

Survive or die,

Such a thin line.



10 thoughts on “The Thin Line

  1. I always enjoy reading your posts, but have especially enjoyed your last two. You’ve found the perfect image for this piece too. I can’t wait to see what you post next!


    • Thank you! It is so peculiar because “The Mark” wasn’t one of my stronger poems I thought, yet I received a nice reception for it. It has really surprised me at times how my works have been received. Some of the ones I thought were better were met with a lukewarm reception and others perhaps I didn’t feel as strong on, really took off and inspired and touched people. It is very mysterious how our words and actions can affect others in ways we could not have imagined.


  2. love the lines “Take my life in my own hands,

    Truth or consequences,

    Nothing in between,

    Survive or die,

    Such a thin line.” however, wondering for you personally what this means?


    • This poem is actually the comingled child of two separate but somewhat related ideas.

      I’ve become very frustrated of having to entertain bad ideas and thoughts from people who are in a position of authority and having our society hold these up as “good” simply because of this person’s title and “who they are”. Just because someone has a position of authority doesn’t necessarily equate to all of their ideas being stellar. Plus, I am very frustrated that when they don’t work, there is a lack of accountability on their part. So, I have a saying that “I would rather die on my own laurels than rest on someone else’s.” It basically means that I believe in myself, and my ideas, well enough that I would rather sink by them and accept the consequences than go along with someone else’s “just because”.

      The second thought I had is that life is very fleeting and it can literally take just a few seconds for us to change our lives – both for the positive and negative. This can be as extreme as actually being killed (such as in a car accident), or as conservative as choosing our words a little more wisely. I’ve always been intrigued how it seems that for some people, everything comes up roses, and for others, they always seem down on their luck.

      The passage that you referenced, refers more to the first explanation. While the first part of the poem through about “Stare down danger” references more of the second explanation.

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      • That is an interesting perspective.

        I’ve told people that I am not afraid to die. For those that don’t understand, they are horrified and interpret this as “I want to die”. That’s not what I am saying.

        I’ve arrived at a place in my life where I am happy with the person I am and I feel like each day I live my life without regret, being the best person I can be, and thinking about the consequences of my actions and words. I make mistakes, yes, but I also have been able to reconcile and forgive myself for the mistakes I’ve made. Therefore, I don’t have regrets and if laying on my death bed, I could accept dying, knowing I attempted to live life the best way possible and making an honest attempt to be a good person.


      • well if you know read any of my work (which you have) you know i teeter on the suicidal ideation. However, that does not mean I have an active plan to kill myself, rather i have thoughts of it..don’t worry still seeing a shrink 😉


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