The Oath

Up in smoke with only charred remains...

Up in smoke with only charred remains…

Don’t break the oath, or so they say…

But what if the oath has no more meaning anyways…

A gentle word and a promise, all sealed with a kiss…

All were delivered without remiss,

Friends and family, a candle lighting in such a treasured place,

I can still see the beauty in your face,

I wonder what might have been,

Had your demons not crushed you from within,

I tried to help you with all my might,

But you were too overtaken with your plight,

And now I am all out of fight,

It makes me wonder if the oath was ever anything more than words on a page?


16 thoughts on “The Oath

    • Thank you for the kind words. I am very flattered. I have missed you on my blog and are glad you are back.

      I enjoy your work too. I’m glad you are back from your hiatus and writing again. Your work is very inspiring.


      • I really like your page. I say I’m only going to read 2 or 3 and then I spend ages here because you captivate me totally with your words…. Don’t stop ☺
        I hope the rest of your day is a happy smiley one ☺


      • Thank you. You are always welcome here. I really like your blog too.

        The greatest reward I have received in writing is the satisfaction of when someone tells me that a piece I’ve written has moved them emotionally. I think the best writers are captivating. For you to tell me that my writings captivate you is quite an honor. I always feel so flattered when someone tells me that. I always say that “people say things, writers convey ideas and emotions.”

        Thank you again Nemesis. Hope your day is going well too.


      • Night time here and almost bed time (hopefully). I know I don’t comment enough. But yes you have a wonderful gift with words. I had to smile at your grandad getting the song muddled and noticed how I’m actually quite like an orange cat in real life. Made me smile ☺☺ take care ☺


    • I think interpretation is the beauty of poetry. It can easily make a work feel so close though you didn’t write it.

      This poem is about my divorce and the self-implosion of my ex-wife. It paints a very poignant scene depicting the catharsis of realizing what you desire something to be, can never be. I’ve held on to this one for awhile, as I didn’t know when I would share it.


  1. Hey Jarrod thanks for telling me to check this one out! It is beautiful and heartbreaking. I’m glad you had the courage to finally share it with others. I can really feel the emotion you were going through- from the beauty of the day to the struggle you had when realizing there was no fixing it. I hope your doing well now!


    • You are welcome. I appreciate the kind words. I am much better now. It has been a number of years. I had to go through the stages of grief and it took me some time to figure out that while I was upset because of the divorce it wasn’t because of her and wanting her back in my life. It was because I knew the expectations I had for the marriage and what I wanted it to be were not, and would never be fulfilled.

      It was quite a tribulation but I learned a lot about myself.


    • This is true. Sometimes you realize that what ails that person is beyond your ability to fix and must come from within them. Until they are ready to make that decision on their own, you can’t help them as much as you would like to.


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