The Broken Bottle

I dedicate this piece to myself – as I seek to fill in all the gaps and continue to repair all the damage in my life.

Because items can be...

Because items can be…

If I take the broken bottle,

Hold it to my vein,

Just one puncture,

Makes all the pain go away,

If I take the broken bottle,

Tape it back together again,

A little different than before,

Still holding water all the same.

What we perceive them to be…

Image 2




3 thoughts on “The Broken Bottle

  1. Great visuals! I really like that you used the recycled glass picture at the end so we can get a real sense out of what beautiful things you can make out of something broken! (Ps- I totally unfollowed you and followed you again! Lol sorrrrrry)


    • Lissy! I almost forgot! A couple of weeks ago we had a discussion about poems we had held on to for a while and not shared. Well, I went ahead and shared mine. It is the one entitled “The Oath”. I hope you will have a chance to read it.


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