The Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy

I really enjoy listening to Bill Simmons’ podcast. For those that are unaware, Simmons is a sports columnist from the Boston area who has his own podcast that centers on sports talk as well as pop culture.

The other day he shared a very wonderful and touching story that I thought was worthy of being retold. Simmons’ son had lost a tooth while playing in the ocean. He was frantic to find the tooth so he could put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy to find. But, the tooth was lost somewhere in the ocean and this resulted in the younger Simmons being inconsolable.

So, Bill and his wife came up with the idea to have the son write a letter and place it in a bottle. The letter explained that he had lost the tooth and that anyone that should find it should please contact the family so it could be returned. They used the wife’s phone number as contact information and tossed the bottle containing the note into the sea.

Surprisingly, a few weeks later, Mrs. Simmons received a phone call from a middle-aged woman who very touched by the honesty of the little boy’s letter. She told Mrs. Simmons that she had framed the letter and wished to present it to the son, along with…wait for it…A TOOTH! But she did not miraculously find the son’s tooth. Instead, the lady had three sons of her own – now all grown – and had saved all of their teeth they had lost as children. She wanted to donate one to Bill’s son in an effort to make him feel better.

Not expecting anyone to ever find the letter, much less answer it, the Simmons had the little boy put a little note under his pillow explaining what had happened and they the Tooth fairy left him some cash the next morning. Upon presentation of the gift a few days later from the lady who found the bottle, the little boy, in true capitalist form, figured he could cash-in (literally!) on the “recovered” tooth and make another offering to the tooth fairy to score more cash!


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