It’s a Snuggle with a Struggle

I was perusing the internet this afternoon and stumbled upon this story that included this picture.

Snuggle without a StrugglePhoto: Karen Kunawicz/Facebook

The story centers around a store called SM Superstore in a mall in the Philippines that had the shirt pictured above for sale. An American named Karen Kunawicz took a picture of the shirt and placed it on her Facebook wall, prompting the picture to go viral. The picture and subsequent comments brought enough attention that the store released the following statement:0cec4be04949548a4e7af6665e17543e4a593f1bPhoto The SM Store/Facebook

“We have been informed via social media that we have a t-shirt in stock…”


Who is in charge here? Did someone not receive, open, inventory, and place this shipment of items out for sale? Someone folded the shirt right? And yet, no one bothered to read the shirt and take umbrage with its message?

Are we really to believe this? I don’t.

This seems like another case where some entity frankly doesn’t care and issues some hollow apology filled with corporate speak and other managerial buzzwords to attempt to sweep things under the rug. Only when it appears that the money trail will be affected does any real action occur.

How about not promoting something that is sickening and, yes, a felony, in most civilized places in the world.

What’s even more sickening and disturbing is the listing within the article of other t-shirts for sale, some even in the United States, including the one pictured above, that promote rape and sexual violence.

When are we going to start shaming individuals for bad behavior instead of putting our hands up, shrugging, and just deciding things don’t personally affect us enough to give a damn. When did “Baby’s Mama” and “Baby’s Daddy” become some sort of cool lingo celebrating individuals who can’t be responsible for their actions? How about MTV celebrating another pregnant 16 year old on their network? Why are we celebrating and promoting low class behavior that involves disgraceful actions from individuals that have zero integrity?

Who in their right mind saw this and decided this was a good idea or even remotely funny? How about some integrity? Or have we decided that money, greed, and the human condition have surpassed the need to show class, respect, integrity, and the need to look out and protect one another?



8 thoughts on “It’s a Snuggle with a Struggle

    • I have a voice through my blog. I intend to use this forum I have created to use my voice to express my displeasure with this behavior and stand up for what I KNOW is right. This isn’t right. Others may not have as much confidence in themselves or enough courage to be able to stand up so I will act as a proxy for them to represent what is good. As a leader in my community and someone who commands respect, it is my duty.

      I will use my voice to express educated thoughts based upon morality, not because of any laws or religion, but because what is right as a human being in looking out for your fellow man. With this, I will continue to combat ignorance, hate, and evil.

      I read your blog and I see that you have a lot of followers – more than I do. You can use your voice to do the same.

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  1. The fact that this t-shirt exists upsets and angers me. It is incredibly offensive to say the very least. I am very disturbed and frustrated by the company’s response. As you say, it can’t have happened by accident that these shirts appeared on the shelves. It is maddening to me when individuals or groups don’t own their actions and pass the responsibility for mistakes made onto something or someone else. Incredible.
    Credibility, trust, and accountability are traits that seem to be nowadays, or at least recently, extinct.


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