Tara Geraghty

Here I am,

Where are you,

Are you out there,

Tangled in blue?

I’ve got the lock,

Where’s the key?

Are you hiding it,

In a place I can’t see?

The words you say,

Are they true?

What was to come,

I already knew.

Should I believe?

Are things the same?

Existing in the same shape,

Only with a different name.

What you expressed,

You called it love.

But what I received,

None to speak of.


7 thoughts on “Transparency

  1. Great work Jarrod! I really like the picture you picked to go along with it I think the little saying in it is a great opener for your words and really brings it all together. 🙂


    • Thanks Lissy! As I have mentioned before, your writings were what inspired me to find a picture to fit my words. Never having a gift to draw or paint, I never considered the added effect a picture could have on the words until I started reading your blog.

      I’ve discovered that sometimes a quote can fit the writing better than a picture such as in this particular case. I’ve actually been inspired both ways – sometimes a quote has inspired a writing and sometimes the writing helps me to find a quote.


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