The Charade

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If I can keep up this charade,

For just one more day,

To keep everyone I love,

Everything I know,

Hold them at bay,

To protect the truth,

That which is self-evident,

All that I hold,

Hide it away,

Under lock and key,

Keep everything here,

Just for me,

Protect what I know,

Choose what I show,

Present a façade,

Dance on queue,

All just for you,

Until the moment is right,

Be who I want to be,

Show the real me,

Do what I want to do,

No longer controlled by you.



11 thoughts on “The Charade

  1. Jarrod – this is deeply amazing – My Music Director was sharing this piece of poem you shared is an old melody of Italy from Milan. The tune and the melody is fantastic!


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