Forget to Remember

Blurring memory and a dream...fading into a hazy shade of gray. Image courtesy of

Blurring memory and a dream…fading into a hazy shade of gray.

Days gone by,

Lost, forever, from my mind,

I try, oh, how I try,

The years difficult, so unkind,

An attempt to remember,

Makes my heart palpitate,

A sudden end to that December,

A hand dealt by a cruel fate,

A picture faded,

Dreams and reality juxtaposed,

Division created,

Unsure of what I really know,

The inferno began as an ember,

Searching for the answer creates a cold sweat,

I’ve forgotten to remember,

Or have I remembered to forget?



11 thoughts on “Forget to Remember

  1. The ending is so strong. “I’ve forgotten to remember. Or have I remembered to forget?” I feel like this thought is a fear we have. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to forget or don’t want to forget, they usually come hand in hand. We want to forget the painful memories, but when the memories start fading, we fear of them being lost forever.


    • Thank you! I feel like this is one of my stronger pieces likely because it is so emotionally tied to me.

      That’s an interesting take. I actually can’t remember certain periods of my life due to trauma I endured. This was my reflection on whether I had forgotten to remember or remembered to forget those times.

      From the perspective you described, we are certainly nostalgic. As I have grown older, I find people are nostalgic for their past even if it, arguably, isn’t better than their present. I’m not certain why people are like that. Perhaps it is a “grass is greener on the other side” effect. Maybe with some time passing, people are not as ingrained in the memory for what it actually was.


    • Thanks so much Laine. I hope you are well too. I haven’t been on WP a lot lately. I am busy finishing up with my latest theatre show. I am also going through some positive life changes right now.

      I am leaving my job and transferring to another location. I am also buying a home. I am very excited!

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      • That is very exciting news! I think your theater experiences are wonderful to read about.

        I’ve been offered a position (paid) with a new publication. If I accept there probably won’t be too much time for blogging either.

        Keep us updated. I have a good feeling about your new direction 🙂 Wishing you much happiness, always.


      • Hi Laine, I hope this finds you well. I’ve been away for a while but hopefully will be writing again very soon. I hope that your writing with your publication has worked out and been rewarding.

        Wishing you happiness and health as well!

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