Coming to Terms

Lose Ourselves

If I could,

Then I would,

And I should,

Have said to you,

Those words,

That I longed to say,

Before you walked away.


4 thoughts on “Coming to Terms

  1. I like this, it is true. If you could have, you would have. Going off the quote above, I am a believer that one needs to reach rock bottom before they can pick themselves back up. Whether that be completely rock bottom or rock bottom on a certain situation. But it’s so often that we don’t say things and regret it once someone’s back is turned.


    • Thank you!

      People don’t change unless they have a reason to. Change usually comes at great cost such as a life-altering event: a death of someone close, divorce, or some other personal loss.

      The person I was talking to in the poem is myself. I needed to see the signs and listen to myself. I wasn’t in a position where I could at that point.


      • Sadly, this is correct. We are always in control of ourselves though. I think people just give up and become passive and apathetic. It is easier to them than dealing with the potential unknowns upon changing.


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