It Is

Breathing New Life Into…It is

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It is,

The whisper of your voice,

The gleam in your eye,

The smile that cuts across your face,

The way you toss your dark brown hair,

The tenderness of your lips,

The passion of your kiss,

The way you move your hips,

The softness of your skin,

The touch of your fingertips,

The warmth of your embrace,

The sound of your heart beating next to mine,

The feeling I get when you are in my arms,

The totality of what makes me complete.



4 thoughts on “It Is

  1. Attractive Post, “The Haunted Lullaby” this phrase made me smile as I sing the lullaby to my kid and imagining what kind of scene it will be If sing ” The haunted lullaby to him”. Lol


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