Running on Empty

So I just watched my cat tear out of the laundry room where her litter box is located.

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

I’ve asked other cat owners and apparently this is commonplace for cats to do after using the litter box. Why so much excitement is involved is unknown to me.

Okay Grumpy Cat! I get you don't care for this blog post!!

Okay Grumpy Cat, I forgot you aren’t into excitement!

But I was left to wonder the unintentional comedy that would ensue if humans behaved in the same manner and ran away from the restroom. We are more accustomed to seeing people run to the restroom instead of away from it. What would your first reaction be? Is there a rodent in there? (Ironic that you would want a cat to be handy in that scenario!) Are you hurt? Is there a fire? Is the game back on?


4 thoughts on “Running on Empty

  1. Am not a cat person coz they are stubborn like me! I don’t hate them and I do find them cute. Some are really playful. I can cuddle/play with them but not really own one. So you are brave! Hehe! No offence cat lovers 🙂


    • Cats certainly have their own personalities. I like cats because I feel like they are wired like me – loners who tend to keep to themselves but come out when they want attention.

      I find that most people that likely want children have dogs because they are very dependent much like children. Cats are very independent and require very little maintenance.

      I really think it just depends on your personality to be able to find a pet that complements you.

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