The Same Place as Before

Image Courtesy of NaraeKim0801 / Flickr

 I had big plans,



But with the crushing weight of the world,

Your need to show you’re supreme,

Man, none of it matters anymore.

What’s starting over,

Just once more,

Go crawling and searching,

Simply find a way,

Somehow, somewhere,

Got to find that open door.

 No, I don’t want to listen,

Same half-truths and lies,

Yeah, been stabbed in the back,

Way too many times.

 Easier to sit here,

Alone in the empty room,

As all paths from here,

Lead to the same place as before.


Image Courtesy of NaraeKim0801 / Flickr


2 thoughts on “The Same Place as Before

  1. I love this. It hits pretty close to home for me. I feel like since July all I have come up with is new plan after new plan and each one has failed, leading me back to the beginning again. While it keeps me grounded, it also is a constant fight to stay motivated towards pushing hoping that at some point you’ll make a breakthrough the world won’t be able to kill that dream too.


    • Thank you Chelsea! Like you, I’m struggling with continually crossing the same bridge over different paths and finding the same result. I’m very frustrated. Everyone else can turn their back on me but all is not lost until I turn my back on myself.

      Hang in there!

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