Once Upon a Time

I recently found a childhood friend and his mother on Facebook. I sometimes look for people that I knew from long ago to see what had become of them. I am rarely successful. Women get married and change their names and people have common names, making it difficult to find them.

I’m not sure where the urge comes from. Perhaps curiosity or perhaps some sort of nostalgia to bring some piece of the past back.

As I sat looking at the profiles, I realized it had been 20 years since I had seen or spoken to these individuals. I thought about writing but couldn’t decide what I should write beyond “hello.” So much time had passed and I had changed so much. I surely wasn’t the same person I was 20 years ago and I doubt they are either.

For the moment, I did not write anything. I decided to let the memory of 20 years ago remain intact. Perhaps that relationship had run its course and the timing for it had expired long ago – 20 years to be exact.


4 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time

  1. It’s so weird when you find those people that exist in a previous chapter of your life. A couple years ago, I found my best friend who moved away in second grade, and sometimes I randomly find obscure former coworkers or relatives. It’s fun to reconnect when you have pleasant memories, but I think sometimes the past should stay in the past too.


    • I agree that the timing has to be right for that reconnection to occur successfully. I think people hope the connection will revert back to the way the relationship was many years ago but great change has occurred since that time. It can lead to disappointment if expectations aren’t curbed in some fashion.

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