Car Accident

Today is the one year anniversary of when this occurred.

The Haunted Lullaby


Date: 01/10/2014

Time: 0620 hours

Scenario: A winding back road in Northern Virginia during the early morning hours in the rain. A low point in the road from a steep decline, coupled with a close proximity to a waterway creates a sudden drop in temperature that initiates a dichotomy of full traction on the road to suddenly being covered in a sheet of ice. The car I had been following had spun out and crashed into an embankment. I attempted to hit my brakes but due to the ice, they had locked up and I began a descent, rapidly gaining speed.

I made the decision to try and navigate around the car as I saw the driver begin to get out. I figured hitting it would result in the driver’s death, likely pinning him between the car and embankment. This put me in the left lane. I then saw headlights…

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