Stepping Stones

I dedicate this one to the doubters…

I wanted to make a difference,

Be the best,

Help people in my own way.

I was searching for the answer,

But instead,

Tried to make it day to day.

Too much red tape,

Little focus on the real issues,

Everyone passing blame.

So little time to focus,

No free time at all,

Living night by night,

Just to make it to the next day.

Tired of apathy,


Things so unfair,

Loss of principles,

Am I the only one who cares?

So many trials,


Ghosts from the past,

All of these things reaching,

Just to pull me back.

But one fateful day,

It was all too much,

It all came crashing down,

Left me in a rut.

No where to turn,

No where to hide,

All I had left,

Whatever was inside.

Time to rebuild,

Start anew,

Find new meaning,

Reprogram what I know,

To find what’s right.

Facing my fears,

Cutting through the dark,

The right decision,

Looking for a fresh start.

Sharing my story,

Realizing I’m not alone,

Inspiring others,

To find we all face our own storm.

Making a difference,

Helping others,

Inspiring dreams,

In a different medium,

But the end result of the goal,

Still achieved.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest


2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Jarrod – this is such inspirational – I enjoy with sincere respect of your blog – I would like to suggest the following and I can help you with writing a book or short movie. you have such powerful materials!


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