Firing of Alison Rosen

I really enjoy listening to the Adam Carolla podcast during my long commute and while at work. The show is fully of witty bits, interviews, and general comedy. The show features comedian Adam Carolla, news girl Alison Rosen, and “Bald” Brian Bishop on sound effects. There are a number of characters that fill out the show which helps my day move along smoothly and provide a laugh track.

Adam Carolla and Alison Rosen

Adam Carolla and Alison Rosen

On the January 4th edition of the podcast, we, the listeners, were told that Alison Rosen had been removed from the podcast and would no longer would be a part of it moving forward. I’m paraphrasing but the excuse was that Adam felt that the show wasn’t working with Alison creatively, and while he likes and respects her and finds her to be a great writer and a comedic voice, it was time to move on. This was then followed up by a story in which he helped a fellow on-air personality at a radio station many years ago be given a chance to say good-bye to his listeners on-air which seemed in contrast to what was given to Alison. This was then followed by introducing Alison’s replacement and simply moving on with the show.

As a listener, I immediately felt shocked and mad at the decision and Adam. I felt my entire stomach turn and not wanting to listen to anymore of the podcast, turned it off in disgust. I felt even more disgusted when I researched the topic on the internet and learned Alison had been unceremoniously dumped via email over the holiday break (later confirmed by Carolla).

My feelings were surprising to me. It took me a few minutes to ascertain why I felt this way. I don’t know any of these people and this doesn’t affect me personally. Why did I feel this way?

After listening to years of Adam talking about being an every day man, using logic, and standing up for what is right and what you believe in, as a listener, I felt betrayed by his decision but more so by his means in doing so, his lack of reason why and his callousness in moving forward as though nothing had really happened. The listeners were treated to four years of this team and an explanation of “we tried it and it just didn’t fit” – after four years – didn’t cut it for me.


And then the backlash came forward the next day. Apparently I was not the only listener who felt this way. Still struggling to figure out why I felt so strongly about this, I caught wind that the situation was discussed on the next podcast with frequent guest David Wild of The Rolling Stone magazine. Wild discussed how the listeners felt betrayed because of how the team had become part of our lives and the hypocritical means by which Carolla had removed Rosen from the podcast.

It then started to make sense to me. He was right. When we invest ourselves into something, whether it be a podcast, a musical act, an author, or even characters that aren’t real, such as in a long-running TV show, they become part of our daily routine and our lives. Even without them knowing us, we allow them into our lives and they become a part of our circle. And just like with people in our circle that we do know, we react to their decisions and actions. We laugh and cry with them. And even mourn when they die. People whom we have never met, will likely never meet, and perhaps aren’t even real, become part of us and touch and affect us in ways we couldn’t ever imagine.

And, ultimately, that’s why I felt the way I did. I had allowed this young lady into my life and to become a part of my daily routine. And, she would no longer be a part of it.

Here is to a great four years of laughs Alison and I wish you continued success in your own podcast, which, ironically, has moved to number one in the comedy category. Maybe there is a silver living in everything?

Alison Rosen

Image 1 courtesy of Celebrity Yahoo News

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