One Lovely Blog Award

I am truly honored to be bestowed with the One Lovely Blog Award by Hafsa at The Space Within. Hafsa runs a wonderful blog that is full of uplifting stories and quotes. I would encourage all of you who are part of my community to check out her blog and become part of hers.

One Lovely BlogSince I have been lucky enough to have my blog recognized with this award as well as the Liebster and Versatile Blogger Awards recently, I’m not going to post additional facts about myself or nominate other blogs at this time. But, to pay it forward, and because I’ve never been comfortable talking about myself, I’d ask that if you are new to the blogger community or just looking for new blogs to discover, to please click on the links for the aforementioned awards and check out the blogs I nominated. They are well written and very unique in their own ways.

Thank you again to all my readers and those that have become a part of my community. All of you are the ones that make this blog fun and successful.



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