Burning Down the House

I recently ventured to Firehouse Subs again. I’ve chronicled my adventures there before and it should be noted this particular location is closer to my home than the one where the great minor flood of 2014 occurred.

In case you weren’t aware, Firehouse Subs is a firefighter themed restaurant that was started by two firefighter brothers from Jacksonville, Florida, in 1994. The restaurant features various types of firefighting equipment as well as pictures of the local fire departments fighting fires, rescuing people, acting as first responders, and rescuing cats from trees (Okay, I might have made up that last one).

This particular picture caught my eye.


I found it peculiar because most pieces of displayed artwork or photographs are usually something that one would want to feature or show off. This appears to be exactly what it is – a house on fire. It doesn’t quite seem like something you would want to proudly display. Now, maybe it is a controlled burn. I’m not certain. Regardless, it seemed odd that someone would snap a photograph of a house burning with apparently no one attempting to fight the flames. The only person who is there is proudly snapping a photograph. How about grabbing a pail (or 10,000 pails) of water?

Is that the Talking Heads I hear in the background?


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